How do we get you more customers from the web?

We create your website/get you leads

Your website needs to be attractive, describe what you do and provide people with value.

You need to give them the information they are looking for. What's included in the website package - well we do the whole shebang for you.

Normally you need to find someone to create a website, pay a designer to create logos, find hosting for the site and register the domain name of the website and then start getting people to the site. All of this could cost you thousands of bucks or at least a pretty penny.

Yes, there are website builders that will allow you to put up a basic fly by night website so why would you need help.

Simply put - it's possible for you to do it - it just takes a lot of time and effort to know what to do and to do it right.

If you feel like you don't have time and just want to start bringing in customers - best let us help.

"You always have the option to fix your car if you scrape around for spare parts, break a couple of things and learn how to fix it - but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to do it."

How setting up a website works and what's included in our website package:

The Creation & Design of The Website

Your website needs to be well structured, ready for mobile and search engines.

Registering the domain

We register the domain name with the internet registrar i.e.

We host the website

We get your website live on the internet so that when someone visits, your beautiful new site is visible.

We Maintain and provide security

Your website needs regular updates to make sure it's squeaky clean and safe from vulnerabilities. This is all included in our service.

We come up with a marketing campaign

It's okay to create random posts on Facebook to promote your site. You might even get all your friends to share the site - you may even get a query or 2 - but this is not the way you get consistent customers online. You need a well thought out marketing strategy that flows into your sales process. This is what we do. Each business's marketing campaign is unique.

We advertise through Google, Social Channels, SMS and Email

Now that we have come up with the strategy, it's time to promote via the various online and offline channels. The goal is to get the right people to your site that have a certain need and help them get in touch with you and your product/service.

Interested clients reach out digitally

Our efforts have now directed customers to reach you via call, email, WhatsApp, Facebook message or any other forms of communications you can think of. We make sure every possible avenue to reach you is open - based on what works for you and the client.

We optimize what works to scale and get more customers

Most of the heavy lifting is done in the beginning steps....people are calling and getting what they want, they are telling their friends and family and Google starts seeing the relevance in your site. We now analyse and increase the numbers based on what works.